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Do you want to be Gulfport’s Poet Laureate?

The Gulfport Library Circle of Friends is again sponsoring the search for Gulfport’s Poet Laureate.  Any Gulfport resident age 18 and over may enter the contest.

According to the Library of Congress, a poet laureate is a poet who is expected “to raise the consciousness of the population to a greater appreciation of the reading and writing of poetry.”  Countries, states and cities have been known to have their own poets laureate.

Last year’s first ever contest for Gulfport’s Poet Laureate was a huge success.  We have an abundance of talented poets in our city, and 19 of them submitted their work to be considered the best of the best.

Peter Hargitai won last year’s contest and will be among the five judges for the Gulfport Poet Laureate of 2017.  The judges will read the submissions without knowledge of the poets’ identities.

The winning Gulfport Poet Laureate agrees to hold 2-4 poetry events, under the auspices of the Circle of Friends, at the Gulfport Library during 2017.  In addition, the Gulfport Poet Laureate may be asked to compose and deliver a poem for any special event that takes place in or on behalf of Gulfport.  No compensation will be given to the Poet Laureate.

If you are interested in applying and you are a Gulfport resident, submit three original works of poetry as one attachment with a brief paragraph about yourself in the body of an email by October 21, 2016, to:  teachedit@yahoo.com.  Only email submissions will be accepted and must include your name, Gulfport address, phone number, and age.  You need not have published any poems prior to entering this contest.  For more information, call 941-447-7811.





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