Crime Watch Group


Welcome Neighbors!

Our goal is to become familiar with our neighbors and to report suspicious activity to our police.

We do this by attending meetings, hosting pot luck dinners and through e-mail updates.

​Getting to know our neighbors helps us feel more connected and attached to our community.

If you live in Gulfport, and wish to join our group, please send us your name, e-mail, address (optional) and phone # to join. ​Email Crime Watch Group

Note: Participation in the meetings or pot lucks is not necessary to be part of the Zone 1 Crime Watch Group. You will still receive e-mail updates and alerts. But participating is where the fun comes in.



Citizen’s Crime Awareness and Prevention

Although our Police Department patrols very actively, public assistance is absolutely necessary when it comes to prevention of crime. If you see anything that seems suspicious, call the police immediately. Please do not feel that you are bothering us, and please do not wait until business hours–we work 24 hours a day!

Residents and business owners are encouraged to get to know their neighbors and to develop contacts for the purpose of making each other aware of things that are out of the ordinary. The Police Department will provide the following resources to any party interested in getting more involved in your neighborhood:

* We will provide a meeting space and an expert speaker to address your group on any topic related to law enforcement or crime prevention.

* We will provide statistical data regarding crimes and crime trends in your neighborhood.

* We will assist in printing fliers or other advertisement to encourage neighborhood involvement.

* We will assign investigators as necessary to address specific crimes or crime trends brought to our attention.

The Gulfport Police Department has officers specially trained to inspect residential, commercial, and industrial properties and to recommend improvements for crime prevention. These surveys are free of charge. Call 893-1041 to schedule a survey for your property.

Join our e-mail list or send us your concerns. 

Email Zone One Crime Watch Group

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Here are a few basic tips to help protect your home and valuables.


  • Always keep your vehicle doors locked and remove valuable items from your vehicle at night. When shopping, keep purses and valuables hidden from sight.
  • When leaving your home, keep your doors and windows locked.
  • When working in the yard, keep doors you can’t visibly see, locked.
  • When leaving town, tell your neighbors to watch over your home and call the police if they see suspicious activity.
  • ​Call the police non-emergency number (582-6177) when you see suspicious activity. Call 911 for emergencies or crimes in progress.