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2019 Summer Recreation Program

2019 Summer Recreation Handbook

Filled with everything YOU need to know for a great, fun-filled summer!

Gulfport Recreation Center 5730 Shore Blvd. South Gulfport, FL 893-1068

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The goal of our 2019 Summer Recreation Program is to offer a quality program that provides a nurturing atmosphere where each child has the opportunity to experience many recreational, social, creative and enriching activities at a cost affordable to families. Daily activities may include arts and crafts, field trips, sports, special classes, special guests and much more!

This booklet contains information and procedures that you will need to assist your child in having a superb summer here at Gulfport Recreation Center. The summer calendar with field trip information and special events will also give you some information. The staff will make every effort to keep parents informed by posting information in the new lobby area. Please be alert to this and take time to check the updated information.

Please help us by becoming familiar with the information in this booklet and calendar. Feel free to contact the office with questions or concerns at any time.

Marivel Gutierrez, Recreation Supervisor 893 -1592

John Lapham, Recreation Coordinator 893 -1079

Jami Rowell, Staff Assistant II 893 -1068

n the event of SEVERE WEATHER such as hurricane, flooding, etc…PLEASE CALL 727-893-1068 or 727-893-1000


Pre-Camp:  June 3rd June 7th

Eight Week:  June 10th August 2nd (closed Thursday, July 4th)

Post Camp: August 5th August 9th


Program hours are 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (there is NO SUPERVISION prior to 7:30 a.m.) Structured hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Extended hours are available until 6:00 p.m. for an additional fee. The program is lightly structured before and after structured hours.


PAYMENTS ARE DUE by the date on the Program Rate Sheet. The rate sheet is located on the backside of the cover of the parent handbook. If payments are not received by the due date, an $11 late fee will be applied. If you have selected Pre or Post camp and do not pay, you will automatically lose your spot. Balance must be current before signing up for field trips.

EARLY LEARNING COALITION CHILD CARE PAYMENTS ARE DUE on Friday prior to each week. An $11 late fee is applied per family if payment is not received by Monday morning. If payment is not received by Friday of the week, the child will be unable to return to Recreation. Parents are responsible for paying the program daily rate fee IF the child is over their allotted absences with no documentation provided (even if the child is suspended).

FIELD TRIPS are on a first-come first serve basis since spots are limited. We will not add your child automatically on the field trip list. You can sign up and pay for each field trip up to 3 days in advance (Ray’s Game will require early sign up).CASH ONLY (no checks) will be accepted for all field trips. The exact amount of cash must be placed in an envelope. The office does not provide change or envelopes, so please have the exact amount of cash in field trip envelopes. NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN! Please write on front of the envelope the amount inside, the trip name, child’s name and their group number. Please only one field trip per envelope, but you can put more than one child for the same field trip. Any child signed up for a field trip that does not want to go, will automatically forfeit their money, except for a documented medical reason. Field trip sign up ends ½ hour prior to trip departure.The times on the calendar are the leave and return times. There are NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO REFUNDS. ELC parents must follow written procedure above except no money is needed. Also, the recreation staff reserves the right to limit field trip attendance based on behavior with NO REFUND. Summer camp balance must be current before signing up for field trips.

Children cannot be picked up or dropped off at the field trip location. Please schedule appointments around field trip calendar and times.


One adult city-paid staff member per 25 participants.

To ensure your child’s safety, the Recreation Department thoroughly interviews each staff member before hiring. Level II background checks are completed, including fingerprinting.

Recreation Leaders (also known as “coaches”) will be supervising your children. Each Recreation Leader will have received training in child development, and positive discipline techniques, as well as games, sports, crafts, and more. Recreation Leaders will be responsible for planning and leading the children in various activities throughout the day. These activities will include sports, quiet games, active games, arts & crafts, field trips and many enriching experiences. Take the time to get to know your child’s coach as soon as possible.

Other staff working in the program are Marivel Gutierrez, Recreation Supervisor, John Lapham, Recreation Coordinator and Jami Rowell Staff Assistant II. The Recreation Coordinator acts as Center Supervisor when the Recreation Supervisor is absent.


The aim of all Gulfport youth care programs is to provide a quality program at a price affordable to Gulfport families. Our staff is dedicated to providing your child with a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Your cooperation is needed in order to accomplish this. Please read the following parent information and follow the guidelines. Thank you.

The Gulfport Recreation Division complies with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). We consider a child’s disability as merely a characteristic of the child. We do not deny
admission based upon the disability as long as the child with disabilities can be integrated and his or her needs can be reasonably accommodated. We base our inclusion philosophy on the concept of the least restrictive environment.

The Gulfport Recreation Center does not discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, national origin, religion, immigration status, age, mental or physical disability, or any other basis protected by federal, state, local law, ordinance, or regulation in determining which children are served.

Parents are always welcome in the (school, center etc.), we have an open-door policy for our families and will always be available for your needs.

The Gulfport Recreation Division will take photographs or video during the Summer Program and may release child’s name along
with his/her picture for publication in the newspaper, program brochures or fliers.
They may also use video footage for public relations presentations.

Picking up children while under the influence of drugs/alcohol is considered inappropriate by our supervisor. If a parent/guardian appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol the supervisor may call other persons authorized to pick up the child. Also, arriving to pick up a child while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be specific grounds for termination of the Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas, Inc. provider-parent contract. If the adult appears to be so intoxicated that the child would be placed at risk of serious and immediate harm, the police will be called. Smoking/ E-Cigarettes are prohibited on the premises.

Please be aware of the indication of the FIRE LANE-NO PARKING ZONE located in front of the building, when dropping off or picking up children. There is ample parking available for all. This is a violation and a safety issue for children.

Parents must personally sign-in/sign-out their child daily on the attendance sheet. Signatures must be either FIRST INITIAL AND FULL LAST NAME or FULL FIRST NAME AND LAST INITIAL with the time including a.m. /p.m. Make sure that your child is signed in with a Coach on duty. After 8:30 a.m., your child must be signed in on the sign-in/sign out sheet with his/her Group Coach. (Refer to schedules posted to help locate your child’s group). Please make arrangements with
your child prior to pick-up time if there are alternate pick up procedures. The front office is very busy during times and will not be responsible for not relaying messages. Children will be released only to persons listed on his/her registration form. If someone other than an emergency contact is
needed you will need to email or fax us at 727 893-9820. Please include date(s), child’s name, person picking up’s name, address, and phone number. Please keep this information current. No one else will be allowed to pick up your child without written authorization. Identification will be requested of any person picking up a child who is not known to the staff person on duty. Signatures for ELC must be FULL LEGAL SIGNATURE with time including a.m./p.m. See example below:

Sample ELC Signature

***ELC parents are REQUIRED BY REGULATIONS to sign in/ sign out their child on a daily basis.

Children will only be permitted to walk, ride bikes home, or leave with another child with written permission, which MUST include the time to leave. Please note in writing on the registration form what your child is to do on rainy days. Bikes must be locked up at the bike rack.

Parent/Guardians must list names, address, and phone numbers for ALL emergency contacts. You will no longer be able to call in if you have someone other than an emergency contact pick-up it will need to be in writing. If someone other than an emergency contact is needed you will need to email or fax us at 727-893-9820. Please include child’s name, person picking up’s name, address, and phone number.


Please let the front office know within one hour of the structured program time (8:30 am) that your child will not be attending or late for the day. If your child does not arrive within one hour of the structured program time we must contact the Parent / Guardian. Call the front office at 727-893 1068 or email Failure to notify the office of absence will result in a charge of $3.00 per phone call.


A $1.00 per minute late fee is charged if a child is not picked up by 5:30 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. for extended care and must be paid upon pick-up. The Recreation Supervisor has the right to terminate the child from the program for excessive (3 or more) late pick-ups with written notice to parent. Registration and program fees will not be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS!


The Pinellas County School Food Service Program will provide free breakfast and lunch fromJune 3 – August 2, 2019. Breakfast will consist of a dry breakfast with milk and juice. Lunch will consist of a sandwich, fruit or vegetable, juice and milk. Lunch may be brought from home; however, refrigeration is NOT available. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies.


Parents must furnish a nutritious afternoon snack.


Each child will need to have a signed Food Experience Permission Form to participate in each food-related activity, such as special occasions and learning activities, which include food consumption.


Children are required to wear CLOSED-TOED SHOES. No sandals, heely’s, jellies or flip-flops. Parents will be called to either bring sneakers or to pick-up child. This also applies to field trips that do not specifically call for beach or water shoes.



BACK PACKS / Clinch Sacks WILL NOT be allowed at Recreation on adaily basis, only on specified trips (see Field Trip/Classes sheet). Children are responsible for theirown belongings, which should be clearly labeled with child’s name in permanent marker. Valuables (including large sums of money) should stay at home. Parents MUST see that children take home bathing suits and towels on swim days. Check the Lost & Found weekly.


Parents are advised that the best way to get in touch with their child during program hours is by calling the Recreation Center at 727-893-1068. If a child needs to contact their parent, the child must use the front office phone. Children will not be allowed to use or play with cell phones during program hours. If a child is caught using or playing with a cell phone, it will be taken away and given to the parent upon pick up with a verbal notice. A second offense will result in a Written Discipline Notice. A third offence will result in a suspension.


Parents that provide children with money should provide them with quarters and one-dollar bills as the office CANNOT provide change. Please note that the staff IS NOT responsible for children’s money. Money should be carried in a secure place on your child NOT in their lunch or swim bag, as it may not be there for them later.


To dispense any type of medication to your child while at Summer Recreation, we must have a medication form signed by the parent, the original container with prescription, which will be secured in the office. Liquid medicine must be sent with the appropriate measuring spoon. Staff cannot administer eye drops or eardrops, including earplugs for swimming.


To help ensure your child’s skin protection, it is recommended that the parent / guardian apply waterproof sunscreen to child each day before they come to camp. Staff will not be responsible for applying or handling sunscreen. Sunglasses, hats, and long sleeve swim shirts are recommended for outdoor activities. If you send sunscreen with your child to apply at the Recreation Center or on field trips you must drop off sunscreen to the front office labeled with child’s name.


Please do not send your child to Recreation when he/she does not feel well. The center does not have a suitable supervised clinic area for an ill child where he/she will be comfortable and segregated from others. Please help us by making arrangements for someone to be available to pick your child up as soon as possible in case of illness. ***Children that have a fever of 99 degrees or higher may not return to Rec. the next day. There is a 24-hour waiting period. NO EXCEPTIONS! Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated. Your child’s health and safety is our number one priority.


Head Lice is often a problem in a location where groups of children play together. Please read this to become more aware of this pesky nuisance. Please understand that head lice are contagious and, if your child has live lice or nits, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD IMMEDIATELY.

Treatment: Several shampoos may be purchased at supermarkets and pharmacies. The health department distributes the shampoo at no charge. The “Robo Comb” has seemed to work for some parents. It is a tool for removing nits and zapping lice.

Facts you should know about head lice:

  • Anyone can get head lice.
  • Lice are small, grayish-white, wingless bugs about the size of tiny ants.
  • Head lice are found on the hairs of the head, usually behind the ears & back of neck.
  • Lice lay oval, whitish nits (eggs), not to be confused with dandruff, which is flaky.
  • Lice cannot hop or jump, but they are transmitted via close contact (hats, brushes, combs, pillows, upholstery, furniture and personal contact).
  • First sign of lice is itching.
  • Once lice infestation starts, it can spread like wildfire. Prompt attention is required.
  • Children must be “nit-free” before returning to Recreation.
  • Please check your child’s head periodically.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN Programs at the Recreation Center will be suspended anytime a Hurricane Warning is declared for Pinellas County. In the event of an Emergency evacuation (flooding, Fire, ect.), the children will be relocated to the Catherine Hickman Theater (5501 26th Ave south). Parents/guardians will be contacted for pick-up arrangements. Every effort should be made to pick up children immediately. Please contact the Recreation office at 893-1068 or the main City switchboard, 893-1000, for information.


Fire drills, lock down drills, and duck-and-cover drills will be conducted monthly at varying times, are an important safety precaution. Each drill is to be treated as if it were an actual emergency situation. It is essential that when drill signals are given everyone obeys promptly and follows the specific drill procedures.


  1. Information on your child’s registration form has changed.
  2. Make sure that all home, work, and EMERGENCY NUMBERS are current. Notify the office of all changes as they occur.
  3. Someone other than those listed on your child’s registration form will be picking up your child.
  4. Your child has a contagious disease (i.e. head lice, pink eye, measles, etc.).


  1. Your child has received an injury, which could require immediate medical attention.
  2. Any head/face injury, regardless of the seriousness.
  3. Your child has a medical condition, which could be contagious.
  4. Your child has a contagious disease (i.e. head lice, pink eye, measles, etc.).
  5. Your child develops a fever.


  1. We want to report positive behavior.
  2. Your child complains of a non-emergency condition or has a minor injury during the day. Parent will be asked to sign accident/incident log sheet.
  3. Your child exhibits unusual behavior.


The supervisor will schedule parent conferences when your child exhibits a pattern of disruptive behavior, which interferes with the program or the management of other children.



The City of Gulfport Recreation Divisions goal is to offer a safe and enriching experience for all Summer Recreation Participants, Parent/Guardians and staff in our program. In order to do this, reasonable rules and regulations are essential to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

  1. Parents/guardians will be courteous and respectful to other parents/ guardians, children and camp staff.
  2. Parents/guardians are expected to respect City property and staff.
  3. Inappropriate language and gestures cannot be tolerated.
  4. Any parent/guardian who threatens another parent/ guardian, child or staff will be trespassed from the site.
  5. Parents/guardians cannot touch or address another child in our program without the permission of that child’s parent/guardian and the site supervisor.


  1. Each child must check in and out with their coach or the coach in charge.
  2. Children must stay with their coach and in their assigned area.
  3. Children must show courtesy and good manners to all staff members, group members and coaches.
  4. Children must be respectful of City property and other children’s property. Stealing will not be tolerated!
  5. Children will use appropriate language.
  6. Any behavior that is deemed malicious or violent, or results in property damage and/or physical injury will result in immediate suspension from the program.

Any violation of the Parent/Guardian and Family Code of Conduct may result in your child’s termination from the program as well as the parent/guardian being trespassed from City property. Refunds will not be given if a child is suspended for any length of time.


It is imperative that children adhere to all bus rules to ensure safe transportation of all bus riders. The three main bus rules are as follows:

  1. Sit down at all times
  2. Buckle up
  3. Face the front
  4. Talk quietly


Our goal in using any discipline is to instruct and mold good behavior as opposed to simply punishing inappropriate behavior. The staff will endeavor to fit discipline to the behavior that needs correcting. The staff will prohibit children from being subjected to discipline, which is severe, humiliating, frightening, or associated with food, rest, or toileting. Spanking or any other form of physical punishment is prohibited by all child care personnel.

Please read the following steps carefully.

  1. Prevention measuresa.
    1. Use of clear directions
    2. Communication of age appropriate, positive expectations
    3. Explanation of reasons for actions and rules
    4. Positive reinforcement
    5. Listening to the child
    6. Avoidance of labeling of children
    7. Provision of challenging activities
  2. Discipline measures
    1. Problem solving with the child (have the child participate in plan to change the behavior)
    2. Use of natural and logical consequences
    3. Commitment to follow through
    4. Restriction of privileges (loss of field trips, etc.)
  3. Following failure of discipline measures
    1. First & second offenses, written warnings, dated & recorded
    2. Third offense, written warning, child meets with supervisor and/or coordinator and a parent conference is scheduled
    3. Fourth offense, one day suspension
    4. Fifth offense, three-day suspension
    5. Termination from the program
  4. Immediate or next-day suspension may be used following:
    1. Fighting
    2. Physical or verbal abuse of staff or children
    3. Stealing
    4. Destruction of property
    5. Destruction or throwing of food and drink.
    6. Spitting on or in the direction of others

Amount of suspension time will depend on the seriousness of the offense; generally, one to three days or possibly termination from the program.

REFUND POLICY A full program fee refund will be made only if the request for a refund is made PRIOR to the FIRST DAY of ANY PROGRAM* (the only exceptions would be if a child could not attend due to a documented medical reason). Partial or pro-rated refunds will not be made.

Please call the Center at 893-1068 if you have any questions not answered in this booklet.

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