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Special Events

Special Events help build a sense of belonging and community. The special event application process, such as festivals, runs / walks, parades, and citywide holiday celebrations that occur on public property are initiated every year in the spring. Events that have admission or registration fees, or charges to sponsors, vendors, promoters, or participants are required to submit a $ 50.00 application fee. All special event applications must be completed and received by August 15 of the preceding fiscal year that the event will occur in. All events receiving City support, as co-sponsorship, must be approved per section 17-30 of the City Codes of Ordinances.

Upon receipt of a submitted special event application, an email confirmation will be sent to the applicant.  The confirmation email will contain a list of any additional items that are needed to complete the application process. Please be sure to include all necessary supporting documents, including certificates of nonprofit status, site plans, contracts etc.  An application is not considered complete until all required supporting documents are received.

For a complete listing of minimum qualifications for organizations submitting a special event application to the City of Gulfport, please call (727) 893-1118 or email

Our dedicated and professional team is happy to provide guidance and answers to your questions. If you have any questions, please call (727) 893-1118. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service to ensure your event’s success. Please complete all special event required documents and submit to or by mail to 2401 53rd Street South, Gulfport, Florida 33707.

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City Hall Address: 2401 53rd St. S. Gulfport, FL 33707
(727) 893-1000

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