Code Enforcement Activities

Code enforcement activities in Gulfport are performed in sections. The City is divided into 5 geographical areas or code enforcement sections. For a visual representation of these sections please see the map below. The sections are generally located as follows:

  • SECTION 1 – This area is referred to as the Stetson Area and it comprises the northwest portion of the City. It generally extends south from 7th Avenue S. to Gulfport Boulevard and east from 64th Street S. to 58th Street S.
  • SECTION 2 – This area is also known as the Northeast Area. It generally extends north to 7th Avenue, south to Gulfport Boulevard, west to 58th Street and east to 49th Street.
  • SECTION 3 – This area is called the Southwest Neighborhood Area generally extends south from Gulfport Blvd. to the water and west from 58th Street and 59th Street to the City Limits.
  • SECTION 4 – This area is referred to as the Art District which generally extends south from Gulfport Blvd. to the water and east from 49th Street S. to 58th and 59th Street South.
  • SECTION 5 – This area is also known as the Marina District Area. It comprises the southeast portion of the City and generally extends south from 26th Avenue S. to the water and east from 49th Street S. to the city boundaries.

List of Violations Inspector will Typically Be Looking For

Violations that constitute a possible threat to the life and/or safety of the public are given the highest priority. After life/safety violations the inspector generally looks at the following list of items when patrolling your section:

  • High Grass
  • High Weeds on Alleyways
  • Non-operative or Unlicensed Vehicles
  • Accumulation of Junk and Debris
  • Major Minimum Housing Violations such as:
    • Broken Windows
    • Excessive Peeling Paint
    • Rotting Soffit or Fascia Boards on Roof Eaves
    • Dilapidated Structures or Portions of Structures
    • Excessive Mildew or Algae on Structures
  • Working Without a Construction Permit

If you wish to call in a complaint, discuss a case, or speak with the inspector please call (727) 893-1063. We do take anonymous complaints, however remember if you leave an anonymous complaint, the inspector can not get back with you to explain what actions the City will be taking to resolve a case.

If you happen to get a notice or letter of violation, please do not ignore it. If you cannot take care of the violation immediately, speak with the inspector about setting up a reasonable plan of action to address any violations.

Code Enforcement Section Map