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Building Permit and Inspection Utilization Report

September 30, 2021

Direct and Indirect costs incurred by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code, including costs related to:
FY 2021
1.a.Personal services costs, including salary and related employee benefit costs incurred by the local government to enfore the Florida Building Code (Direct Costs)$474,400
1.b.Operating expenditures and expenses (Indirect Costs)$239,004
2Permit and Inspection Utilization information, including:
2.a.Number of building permit applications submitted2,395
2.b.Number of building permits issued or approved2,315
Number of plan reviews conducted1,582
2.c.Number of building inspections and re-inspections requested (if requested, inspection will be conducted)4,893
2.d.Number of building inspections and re-inspections conducted4,893
2.e.Number of building inspections conducted by a private provider10
Number of plan reviews conducted by private a provider1
2.f.Number of audits conducted by the local government of private provider inspections0
2.g.Number of personnel dedicated by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code, issue permits and conduct inspections4
2.h.Other permissible activities for enforcing the Florida Building Code (Fire Plan Review & Inspection Expenditures):
Fire Inspection Services$16,631
3Revenue information including:
3.a.Revenue derived from fees$738,856
3.b.Revenue derived from fines (included in fees)See a.
3.c.When applicable, investment earnings from the local government's investment of revenue derived from fees and fines0
3.d.Balances carried forward by the local government0
3.e.Balances refunded by the local government0
3.f.Revenue derived from other sources, including local government general revenue0