Gulfport Public Library
Meeting Room Policy and Procedures

The Frances Purdy Friends Room (“the meeting room”) is the Library’s large multi-purpose meeting room. Use of the meeting room is intended primarily for programs presented by the library staff and the Circle of Friends of the Library. When not in use for library-sponsored programming, the room will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for programs or meetings of a cultural or educational nature of interest to the general public. The meeting room is not intended for private social gatherings, entertainment, commercial sales, business solicitations, fundraising, partisan political or religious purposes, or for an unbalanced presentation of controversial matters.


Use of the meeting room may be requested, preferably a minimum of 30 days in advance, by completing and signing a rental agreement form provided by the Library Director or delegate.

Occasional private use of the meeting room may be requested by individuals (e.g., for tutoring, testing, etc.) or non-profit organizations (e.g., for client counseling, support groups, planning, training, etc.) and, depending on availability, approved at the discretion of the Library Director or delegate.

Use of the room for regularly scheduled (e.g., weekly, monthly) functions by a qualified group may be reserved up to one year in advance. However, the group must apply/reapply each year by October 1.

Please note regardless of an ongoing or onetime event the first occurrence must be held within 60 days of request.

Reservations may be made by telephone, or in person. A reservation will be considered tentative until the signed application is received. The application form must be signed and received by the Library before the first meeting occurs.

Groups must notify the Library of any cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

General Rules and Regulations

Programs or other meetings held in the Friends Room should be free and open to the public at large. No group may charge admission to a meeting held in the Library, solicit or collect a “free will” offering, or present for sale any item which is conditional for attendance at the meeting or program. Sales or other commercial transactions may not be solicited or take place on Library property, nor may memberships or payment of dues be solicited in the Library without the written consent of the City of Gulfport, the Library Director or delegate.
No individual will be excluded because of race, nationality, age, sex, handicap, or because of social, religious, or political affiliation.

The Library reserves the right to publicize any or all public programs or meetings of community interest. However, this right does not obligate the Library to provide publicity for any meeting or event. In addition, the Library reserves the right to pre-empt any meeting when necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances, with a minimum 24-hour notice.

There is no rental fee for meetings held during the regularly scheduled hours the Library is open to the public. Meetings may from time to time be scheduled before or after hours, depending on staff availability. The fee for before-hours or after-hours meetings is $25.00 plus sales tax per full or partial hour of extra staff time required to monitor and secure the building.

No food or beverages are permitted in the meeting room without the approval of the Library Director or delegate. If permission to serve light refreshments is granted, it is the responsibility of the individual or group to collect and dispose of trash in appropriate containers and to leave the meeting room, as well as the kitchenette if used, in a clean and sanitary condition. Individuals or groups will be held liable for custodial maintenance or repair if the facilities, furniture and/or equipment are found to be damaged or soiled to a degree requiring exceptional services.

Users must not tamper with, attempt to modify, or otherwise change any electrical, plumbing or heating/air conditioning equipment or settings in the Library. Groups failing to comply with these provisions will be given notice that a second offense may result in denial of their future use of the room.

A Library staff member will operate any Library-owned equipment requested (e.g., television, audio/visual projector, sound system). The Library is not responsible for providing meeting-related equipment or supplies such as coffee pots, cups, extension cords, paper or pencils. Storage space cannot be allotted for non-Library equipment, utensils or supplies to be left at the facility between meetings.

Doors must be kept closed while the meeting or program is underway to ensure efficient use of the heating and cooling system and to contain noise.


For the purposes of this policy, the Circle of Friends of the Gulfport Public Library, all City of Gulfport departments, and all duly constituted City of Gulfport advisory boards may be exempted from any or all of these conditions.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the Gulfport Public Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs.

In the event that circumstances arise which are not covered by this document, the decisions of the Library Director or delegate are binding.

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Call (727-893-1074) the library to reserve a meeting room.