Library Exhibits and Displays Policy

The Gulfport Public Library has limited space available which may be used for temporary displays of art works and other items of interest to the general public. The Library’s exhibit space is open to organizations and individuals engaged in intellectual, educational, or cultural activities. Exhibit space may not be used to promote sales or for any other commercial or fundraising purposes.

The Library endeavors to provide access for all age groups to a variety of viewpoints on a broad spectrum of topics, by means of carefully selected and tastefully presented displays and exhibits, as it does with the books and other materials in its collections. Works dealing with controversial topics are not excluded merely because they are controversial. However, because of the unavoidably visual nature of displays and exhibits, common sense, sensitivity and wise judgment must be exercised in choosing which works will be exhibited at the Library, particularly in light of the fact that Library displays and exhibits are accessible to all persons, from young children to older adults. Materials selected for exhibit, therefore, should be non-stereotyped, non-violent, and appropriate for display to all age groups, including children. Works which might be acceptable to an adult audience at a private gallery or show might not be appropriate for a display or exhibit easily accessible to all age groups at the Library.

All displays and exhibits are subject to evaluation and recommendation by an advisory committee appointed by the Friends of the Library, and to existing laws, ordinances, regulations and policies. The decision by the Library, as an official unit of the City of Gulfport, to accept or reject any or all items for display is final.


Persons wishing to exhibit works in the Library should contact the Library Administrator or designated representative and arrange for a preliminary assessment and evaluation. Once the exhibit has been approved, the exhibitor will complete and sign an Exhibit and Display Waiver.