Gulfport Public Library Internet Use Agreement

Use of Library computers assumes patron agreement with the following terms. Failure to comply with this agreement may result in revocation of computer use privileges.

  1. I will not attempt to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to others.
  2. I will not seek unauthorized access to any other computer system or damage or alter software components of any network or database.
  3. I will observe the copyright law for print and electronic materials.
  4. I will not make any changes to the setup or configuration of the software or hardware.
  5. I will not bring in any application software to use on the library’s computers, or attempt to download or save any files or applications to the library computers’ hard disk.
  6. I will pay the established rate for each page I print out.
  7. I will allow a library staff member to check for viruses on any diskette I bring in before using it.

Use of the Internet:

  1. I will not use the Internet for illegal or unethical purposes.
  2. I will not send, receive, display or print sexually explicit or pornographic text or graphics, or any other content which may be reasonably construed as obscene.
  3. I will not send, receive, display or print text or graphics which may be reasonably construed as inappropriate for reading, listening or viewing by minor children.

The Gulfport Public Library has established rules of conduct and other policies and procedures in order to protect the rights of all users to a safe, tranquil and pleasant environment conducive to reading and learning. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, and not the Library, to determine what his or her own child may view, read or otherwise access on the Internet.

Circulation Policies

Welcome to the Gulfport Public Library! We invite you to visit often and to let us assist you in making full use of nearly 70,000 books, magazines, audios, and videos in our collection, plus access to a wide variety of informational services, including the Internet. Every staff member of the Library strives for excellence in service, through a total commitment to the needs of our customers, and a total commitment to the continuous improvement of all our services and endeavors.Your comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Library cards:
A library card is required to borrow any material from the Library and may be required to receive certain services. Materials borrowed at Gulfport may be returned at any of the member libraries of the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative (PPLC) , and vice versa.

Borrowers with valid PPLC cards may use them to borrow materials from any PPLC library. Proof of residency is required when applying for a library card, and changes of address or lost cards should be reported as soon as possible.

All permanent residents of member cities and unincorporated areas of Pinellas County may register for a free PPLC card, which is valid for three years from date of registration. A permanent resident is anyone who either owns property in Pinellas County, or lives in Pinellas County for more than six months each year.,

Pinellas County residents who live in non-member cities must pay an annual fee of $100.00 per household for a PPLC card, which is valid for one year from date of registration.

Currently, these non-member cities are: Bellair Beach, Bellair Bluffs, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Kenneth City and South Pasadena. (The City of South Pasadena currently provides payment of the $100 annual card fee for its residents, providing the individual resident first makes application at the South Pasadena City Hall and pays $25 towards the total payment.)

Borrowers with PPLC cards may be required to register their card numbers at Pinellas County libraries which are not on the same automated system as Gulfport. Holders of valid PPLC cards are eligible for reciprocal borrowing privileges at participating public libraries in Citrus, DeSoto, Hardee, Hernando, Highlands, Manatee, Okeechobee and Pasco counties, and at the campus libraries of St. Petersburg College. The borrower must present his/her PPLC card in person to register as a reciprocal borrower at these libraries.

Temporary (buff paper) cards may be issued to visitors or short-term residents (less than 6 months). There is a $10.00 fee for temporary cards, which are valid for six months or less, depending on length of stay. Temporary cards issued by the Gulfport Public Library are valid only at Gulfport.

Lending Policies:
New Fiction: 14 days
Books (print): 28 days
Entertainment DVDs: 7 days
Instructional DVDs: 7 days
VHS Tapes: 28 days
Music CDs: 14 days
Music Cassettes: 28 days
Reference Books: In-library use only
CD-Books: 28 days
DVDs: Limit of 8 per card
Outstanding overdues: No more than 10
Maximum value of items checked out at one time: $400.00

Borrowers are expected to handle books and other materials carefully and return them by the due date in reusable condition. The individual in whose name the card is issued is responsible for all materials charged to his/her card. Lost cards and chagnes of address should be reported as soon as possilbe. The Library will attempt to notify borrowers regarding overdue materials. If materials are not returned within 30 days after the due date, the borrower will be issued a bill for the replacement cost of the material.

Damage or loss must be reported as soon as possible. Borrowing privileges may be suspended by the Library if the borrower fails to return materials or clear outstanding delinquent accounts.

Requests (Holds):
Borrowers may request that holds be placed on items litsted in the Library’s catalog, but not currently available. There is a maximum of 25 requests at any one time per borrower. Individuals may place their own requests directly, using the automated public catalog terminals or Internet computers in the Library, or through a reference librarian. Requests placed on the automated system remain active for six months or until filled, whichever comes first.

Fines and Fees:
(Overdue fines) Books and audios: $.15 per day; $5.00 max
(Overdue fines) DVDs: $1.00 per day; $5.00 max
Replacement of lost card: $1.00
Photocopies: $.10 per copy
Computer Printouts: $.10 per printed page
Local Fax: $1.10 per page
Long Distance Fax (sending): $3.30 for first page, $1.10 each additional page
Receiving Fax: $1.10 per page
International Fax: Not Available
Use of Meeting Room (During Library Hours): No Charge
Use of Meeting Room (Before/After Library Hours): $25.00 per hour

Gulfport Public Library Meeting Room Policy

The Gulfport Public Library has limited space available which may be used for temporary displays of art works and other items of interest to the general public. The Library’s exhibit space is open to organizations and individuals engaged in intellectual, educational, or cultural activities. Exhibit space may not be used to promote sales or for any other commercial or fundraising purposes.

The Library endeavors to provide access for all age groups to a variety of viewpoints on a broad spectrum of topics, by means of carefully selected and tastefully presented displays and exhibits, as it does with the books and other materials in its collections. Works dealing with controversial topics are not excluded merely because they are controversial. However, because of the unavoidably visual nature of displays and exhibits, common sense, sensitivity and wise judgment must be exercised in choosing which works will be exhibited at the Library, particularly in light of the fact that Library displays and exhibits are accessible to all persons, from young children to older adults. Materials selected for exhibit, therefore, should be non-stereotyped, non-violent, and appropriate for display to all age groups, including children. Works which might be acceptable to an adult audience at a private gallery or show might not be appropriate for a display or exhibit easily accessible to all age groups at the Library.

All displays and exhibits are subject to evaluation and recommendation by an advisory committee appointed by the Friends of the Library, and to existing laws, ordinances, regulations and policies. The decision by the Library, as an official unit of the City of Gulfport, to accept or reject any or all items for display is final.


Persons wishing to exhibit works in the Library should contact the Library Administrator or designated representative and arrange for a preliminary assessment and evaluation. Once the exhibit has been approved, the exhibitor will complete and sign an Exhibit and Display Waiver, included as a link below.

Gulfport Public Library Meeting Room Request Form can be requested by calling (727) 893-1074.