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Public Works Department

Director: Don Sopak
Phone: (727) 893-1089
Hours: Monday – Friday,  7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The Public Works Department consists of 37 full-time employees providing essential services to city residents.



  • This Division provides commercial and bulk solid waste collection and residential automated curbside services including recycling of appropriate materials, claw truck, and yard waste support services. This Division is an enterprise fund funded by user fees from the residents and businesses receiving solid waste services.
  • This program is also responsible for maintaining, repairing, and refurbishing recycling drop-off containers and residential curbside automated containers.
  • This program provides twice weekly automated residential curbside collection of refuse including once-a-week collection of household recyclables. Curbside service is provided to all single-family and duplex homes, apartment/condo complexes, mobile home parks and smaller businesses.
  • This program provides once-a-week collection of bulk yard waste for recycling.
  • This program utilizes 4 rear loader trucks, 3 side-loader trucks, 2 claw trucks, 1 recycling truck, and 1 dump trailer and pay-loader to provide solid waste collection services for commercial establishments and residences within the city limits. Services are provided curbside or in the alley where available. Yard waste is collected each Wednesday and recycled into mulch. Bulk items, such as furniture, appliances, electronics and large brush piles, are scheduled as special pickups on a call-in basis.

Provides solid waste collection services to commercial, multi-family and single-family accounts within the city limits.

For Sanitation/Recycling pick up information, times, and days please call the Public Works Department at (727) 893-1089. 

Special Pickup Charges Trash, Recycling and Special Pickup Information 2017 – 2018 Holiday Schedule Mobile Collection Schedule

Special pickup items fees:  Effective October 1, 2017

 A single pick-up item        $21 each
 A ‘white good” (appliances)        $42 each
 Vehicle tires are        $21 each
 Car batteries are        $10.50 each
 20-lb bottled gas cylinders (must be empty)        $21 each
 TV’s and Computer components        $31 each
 Excessive Amounts of Trash & Debris, and/or Brush        $21 and up



Responsible for maintaining approximately 68 miles of paved and 32 miles of unpaved streets, and providing regular maintenance of roads, curbs, sidewalks, alleys and signage. We trim trees growing into roads or alleys and trim/remove hazardous trees on city right-of-ways.

Request Streetlight Repair from Duke Energy



Clean, maintain, restore and construct the stormwater drainage system; this includes 120,000 feet of drain lines, 211 stormwater inlets, catch basins, culverts and transmission lines, retention/detention ponds and 7 outfalls.

What is Stormwater?




Maintain water mains providing service to approximately 69 miles of water lines, valves, 285 fire hydrants and 347 backflow devices; reading 5,506 meters for billing and conduct water quality inspections.



We are proud of the approximately 920.45 tons of materials that have been recycled in 2016. These materials include newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin, steel, plastic, yard waste and electronics.


The City of Gulfport takes tremendous pride in its park system. The staff continually works to enhance the appearance of the City through landscaping, maintenance of turf, and use of durable park furnishings. There are a total of 9 park locations in the Gulfport Community.

Please click here for more information on the City of Gulfport Parks Department






Maintain and repair sewer lines and maintain and operate the wastewater collection system consisting of 2 lift stations, 714 sewer manholes, 2 miles of force mains, and 105 miles of sewer laterals/mains.

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintain and repair all city vehicles, including 23 police vehicles, 4 fire trucks, 11 sanitation trucks, 5 tractors, 40 heavy-duty vehicles, and one trolley.

Building Maintenance

Provide preventative/remedial building maintenance for approx. 94,000 sq feet of city buildings and coordinate activities of trade contractors performing work.

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