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Residential Sanitation Service

The Sanitation Department provides collection and disposal services that meet or exceed state standards and are responsible for the health and sanitary needs of our community. This Public Works Department provides commercial and bulk solid waste collection and residential automated curbside services including recycling of appropriate materials, claw truck, and yard waste support services. The department accomplishes this mission while maintaining a competitive cost of service for our customers and the community as a whole. This department is an enterprise fund funded by user fees from the residents and businesses receiving solid waste services.

  • This program is also responsible for maintaining, repairing, and refurbishing recycling drop-off containers and residential curbside automated containers.
  • This program provides twice weekly automated residential curbside collection of refuse including once-a-week collection of household recyclables. Curbside service is provided to all single-family and duplex homes, apartment/condo complexes, mobile home parks and smaller businesses.
  • This program provides once-a-week collection of bulk yard waste for recycling.
  • This program utilizes 3 rear loader trucks, 5 side-loader trucks, 2 claw trucks, 1 recycling truck, and 1 dump trailer and pay-loader to provide solid waste collection services for commercial establishments and residences within the city limits. Services are provided curbside or in the alley where available. Yard waste is collected each Wednesday and recycled into mulch. Bulk items, such as furniture, appliances, electronics and large brush piles, are scheduled as special pickups on a call-in basis.

Provides solid waste collection services to commercial, multi-family and single-family accounts within the city limits.

Garbage Collection

  • Garbage collection is provided twice a week, either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday based on your residential address.
  • Residents are limited to a maximum of 3 metal or plastic trash containers, plastic bags or combination thereof, not exceeding 32 gallons or 50 lbs each. (Unless on an automated residential route)
  • Containers must be in good condition, watertight and have 2 handles. Plastic bags must be secured with a twist tie or clip.
  • Containers or bags must be placed at the curb or alley no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the day proceeding and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of your designated collection day.
  • Containers must be removed from the curb or alley the day of collection.

For Sanitation/Recycling pick up information, times, and days please call the Public Works Department at (727) 893-1089.

Special Pickup Fees

Special Pickup Fees

Ordinance No. 2022-03
Effective Oct. 1, 2022
Single pick-up item $26 each
A ‘white good” (appliances) $52 each
Vehicle tires are $26 each
Car batteries are $14.50 each
20-lb bottled gas cylinders (must be empty) $26 each
Excessive Amounts of Trash & Debris, and/or Brush $26 and up

2024 Holiday Sanitation Schedule

No change in schedule

No change in schedule

No change in schedule

No change in schedule

Thursday’s pickup will be on Wednesday, July 3, 2024
No yard waste pickup this week.

No change in schedule

No change in schedule

Thursday’s pickup will be on Wednesday, November 27, 2024
Friday’s pickup will remain the same.
No yard waste pickup this week.

No yard waste pickup this week.

No yard waste pickup this week.

City of Gulfport
*Public Works Department*

Yard Waste Pickup

  • Yard waste piles, bagged leaves and Special Pick-ups must be placed at the curb or alley for pick up.
  • One pile of tree and shrubbery trimmings will be picked up every Wednesday, per residence, at no charge. Trimmings must not be bagged or bundled, but gathered neatly in a pile not to exceed 3.5 feet high, 4 feet wide or 4 feet long. Trimmings cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter.
  • Mower clippings and leaves must be bagged. You must call Public Works at 727-893- 1089 to schedule a free pick up of these bags.
  • Any amount of debris exceeding the above limitations will be considered a Special Pick-up. Special Pick-ups must be scheduled with Public Works and will be billed as an extra charge on your utility bill.
  • All hired lawn service, tree trimming service or other such contractors are required by City Ordinance to remove and dispose of the yard waste. If your contractor offers you a discount for leaving the yard waste and having the City pick it up, please be aware that this must be called in as a “special pickup” and will be billed as an extra charge on your utility bill. The contractor may also receive a fine.


Special Pick-ups

  • Call Public Works at 727-893-1089 to schedule the removal of any Special Pick-up.
  • Special Pick-up item(s) or pile(s) must be placed at curbside or alley for pick-up.
  • Fees for Special Pick-ups are as follows:
    • Single Item (furniture, mattress, and other like items) – $26.00/item.
    • “White Goods” (such as refrigerators and other appliances) – $52.00/item.
    • Vehicle Tire – $26.00/each
    • Car Battery – $14.50/each
    • Propane Tanks (20 lbs. or less and empty) $26.00/each
    • Excessive amounts of Trash, Debris, Yard Waste and/or Brush – $26.00 and up – based on size, amount and type of equipment used to remove.
  • No trash is allowed to accumulate for a period of longer than 72 hours. Any accumulation of trash that cannot be placed in the allotted 3 — 32 gallon containers twice a week will be considered a Special Pick-up and shall be picked up by the city, with or without notification by the resident. An additional fee will be charged according to the size of the load and billed as an additional charge on the utility bill.

Excessive accumulation of trash, debris, and/or brush will be picked up by the city, with or without notification by the owner or resident. An additional fee shall be charged according to the type of item, or size of the load, which shall be billed as an additional charge on the utility bill. No trash shall be allowed to accumulate for a period of longer than 72 hours.

Curbside / Drop-Off Recycling

Call Public Works at (727) 893-1089 to request a free set of curbside recycle bins.

  • Curbside recycling is provided once per week based on your residential address.
  • Items must be placed in the city issued recycling containers.
  • The following items are accepted for curbside recycling:
    • Blue Bin
      • Steel cans
      • Aluminum cans
      • Plastic Bottles and/or containers
    • Green Bin
      • Mixed Paper (junk mail, office paper, magazines, etc)
      • Cardboard (must fit inside bin)
      • Newspaper
  • The City of Gulfport provides drop-off dumpsters at the Gulfport Neighborhood Center, located at 1617 — 49th Street South for:
    • Glass
      • Brown, Green and Clear food and/or beverage containers
      • Emptied and rinsed
      • Labels are acceptable
    • Cardboard
      • 3-layer corrugated boxes or packaging
      • Cleaned, emptied, dry and flattened
    • Mixed Paper
      • Mixed paper (junk mail, office paper, magazines, etc.)
  • Plastic bags can be dropped of at the Gulfport City Hall or deposited in the collection buckets throughout the City of Gulfport parks.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Some household electronics, such as copiers, printers, and scanners are not considered hazardous waste, and can be placed in the regular trash. For chemicals considered hazardous, Pinellas County offers convenient “Household Chemical Collection Events” throughout the year to assist residents in their safe disposal. Pinellas County Solid Waste operates the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Center as a disposal location for certain household waste. Pinellas County residents are invited to bring their unwanted chemicals to the center (at no charge). Businesses, visit Business Electronics and Chemical Collection for information.

Recycling & Disposal in Pinellas County

Please reference “The Pinellas County Recycling Guide” to find out how to recycle or safely dispose of just about anything from your home.

Items that are Prohibited by Law

It is illegal to place any of the following items in your curbside refuse containers:

  • Biohazardous Waste
  • Radiological waste
  • Flammable, Explosive or Toxic Materials
  • Contagious Disease Solid Waste (contact a physician)

Maintenance Standards for Residential Right of Ways & Alleys

Residents of the City of Gulfport are required by City Ordinance to help keep their property neat and orderly.

An important portion of the City Code that applies to residents is as follows:

Sec. 12-2 “Specific nuisances”:

“The maintaining, using, placing, depositing, leaving, permitting, allowing or causing any of the following items, conditions or things to exist in, on, over or under any public or private property shall constitute a nuisance; provided however that this enumeration shall not be construed to exclude the identification of other nuisances not specifically identified herein:

(a) Any weeds, grasses or other vegetation of a height exceeding twelve (12) inches, including without limitation, broom grass, jimpson, burdock, ragweed or sandspur and not including trees, flowers and ornamental bushes or plants;

(b) Any trash, litter, debris, garbage, bottles, paper, plastic, metal, cans,rags, offal, bricks, concrete, lumber, building materials, dead or decaying trees, plants, fruits, vegetables, or animals of any kind. (c) Any condition which provides, or could provide, harborage for rats, mice, snakes, insects or other vermin … “

Not keeping with the City Ordinance above may result in a significant fine as stated below.

Sec. 12-4 “Enforcement”:

(a) The provisions of this article shall be enforced as provided herein, as provided elsewhere in this Code of Ordinances, or as otherwise provided by law.Citations may be issued by the city’s police officers, environmental safety officers orother officials of the city, as designated by the city manager or a designated representative. Fines and penalties shall be assessed against any person who violates the provisions of this article, in accordance with section 1-6 of this Code. Each day that a nuisance exists shall constitute a separate offense, for purposes of levying a fine or penalty.

(b) In addition to, or as an alternative to, enforcement of this article as provided in subsection (a) hereof a civil action may be maintained in an appropriate court to abate such nuisance. In any such action, the city shall be entitles to recover reasonable attorneys fees and court costs incurred by the city, through all appellate proceedings. The court may assess an appropriate fine, in addition to providing any equitable remedy by the city.