5th Annual ReadOut: A Festival of Lesbian Literature

A Project of the LGBTQ Resource Center of the Gulfport Library

ReadOut is a festival of literature by, for, and about lesbians.

Friday, February 18 – Sunday, February 20, 2022

Open submissions begin September 1, 2021.
Final deadline for submissions: November 1, 2021.

For more information about ReadOut, visit our event website

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Video Submission *

Please submit an MP-4 file (or compatible file from your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or tablet), up to 5 minutes long. Click the button below and upload your video. Please label your video with your name.

Your own introductory comments can be included in the 5-minute maximum MP-4 file. A tutorial for recording is available

We will not consider any submission longer than 5 minutes. Please be aware that your presentation will be important for this video clip. Make sure you read clearly and look at the camera every once in a while. It’s a whole new skill-set. We hope it will be fun for you.

Step 3: Photo Submission *

Upload a photo of yourself or a photo of something that represents you. Optional: In addition to the photo of yourself, you may also upload a photo of your book cover.