ReadOut Submission Guidelines

Lesbian Voices Persist and Prevail

Call for Submissions
Deadline: February 8, 2021

Be a part of the LGBTQ Resource Center’s ReadOut 2021 a ZOOM event you can join from anywhere

Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28, 2021.

If you need a deadline extension email us at

Be a part of the LGBTQ Resource Center’s ReadOut 2021, a ZOOM event you can join from anywhere

Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28, 2021.

​Community is important in the time of COVID-19. We need to see and hear each other, far beyond Gulfport, FL where the LGBTQ Resource Center has held ReadOut in the Library for the past three years.

​Leading lesbian authors Sally Bellerose, Elana Dykewomon, Sheree Greer, Sue Katz, Rose Norman, Jean Redmann, Susan Stinson, and others already are committed to create 90-minute interactive virtual sessions in this unique hybrid event of interactive and prerecorded readings. We are committed to involving a wide array of voices, including those belonging to lesbians of color and varied ethnic groups and religious/spiritual backgrounds.

​Criteria for inclusion are:

LGBTQA+ authors of all genres who write by, for and/or about lesbians are invited to submit a 5-7 minute edited recording of a reading of original work from a full-length published book of yours that you want to be considered as part of a prerecorded segment in this Zoom event. Readings must be from your own full-length published book. If you do not have a full-length published book, you can still apply as an Emerging & Unpublished Author.

Submissions must be MP4 compatible and include the source citation. You may provide a link to allow ReadOut participants to contact you or buy your work, but the reading may not contain a “sales pitch.” If you need technical help with your video, see the Technology Can be Daunting section below.

​Submissions must be submitted by February 8, 2021.

​If accepted, your prerecorded submission will be combined with others into themed one-hour segments. Please identify the theme of your work along with your contact information with your submission.

​Organizers will make every effort to place segments in the author-identified themed sessions, however, we reserve the right to place your segment in any session that is considered appropriate. Authors will retain the copyright to their work, granting the LGBTQ Resource Center the right to post their video online and to use or refer to it in Resource Center print and online publications.

​Technology Can Be Daunting. We’re Here to Help!

If creating a video presentation has kept you from sending a submission for ReadOut 2021, let us know! Send your submission without a video by Monday, February 8 with the subject line: HELP! to We will reach out and do our darnedest to get you recorded for consideration to be part of a ReadOut PEARL session.

A sample submission and a tutorial is available to illustrate what is needed. If you are unclear about how to create an MP4 video for submission, technical help is available at the Submission Help Page or contact You may address additional questions to

Emerging & Unpublished Authors Wanted!

Is the work you want to share not yet published? Or is it a poem, chapbook, or writing published in a collection? We want to see it! Put “NEW WORK” in the ‘Your Books’ field on the submission form. The deadline is February 8th to be considered for a string of NEW PEARLS consisting of works by emerging and unpublished authors.

Event Format:

This is ReadOut’s fourth year and its first as a virtual event. The interactive sessions will be interspersed with prerecorded segments. Chat rooms will be provided for conversations among participants between sessions. In addition, lesbian musicians, spoken word artists, and comics will provide entertainment during 30-minute breaks between sessions. Sessions will be archived for future access at the LGBTQ Resource Center website.

​We hope you will take part in this special event, as a reader and audience participant, demonstrating how Lesbian Voices Persist and Prevail in these transformative times.

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