How to Record your Readout 2022 Video from an iPhone/iPad

iphone-camera icon

Click the camera app icon.

Video Record Button
Once in the camera application, scroll over to the word “Video”. This will be on the bottom if you are on portrait and on the side if you are in landscape. To begin the video, click the red shutter button.
iphone-crop button
Once the video is complete you can “crop” the video.

Cropping the video will make the size of the frame smaller. Do so by sliding the white border into the picture from any side. (Note: This is only advisable if you are trying to take something out of the frame. Otherwise cropping should not be utilized.)

iPhone trim option
One tool you may want to use is “Trim”.

Clicking on the movie strip area will cause the strip to be highlighted yellow. Use the white slider to delete scenes. This only can be done to the beginning and the end of the video. You cannot delete from the middle of the video using this tool.

Additional help?

If you need help creating a video, contact