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Rebound Testimonials


To ensure the revitalization and resiliency of local small businesses through a program that will generate long-standing relations between City of Gulfport small businesses and City of Gulfport residents. The City’s incentive program will provide vouchers for Gulfport residents to be used at participating businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.


A portion of the City of Gulfport’s ARPA allocation will be authorized for one-time voucher(s) at a value of $50 to each household within the City of Gulfport.

I’m very grateful for the rebound program.
It brought me new customers to my Business.
I am so proud to be a business owner in Gulfport.

Thank you so much.

Jennifer Gallo Lee


We appreciate the city manager’s flexibility in working with nonprofits and, as always, feel like he – and, by extension, the rest of city staff – values what we do and our mission. We were touched by the way people used their vouchers to help pay a balance due for an advertiser diagnosed with stage four cancer. Thank you all for helping us realize some lost revenue!

Cathy Salustri Loper

The Gabber

We were very pleased with the idea of utilizing covid funds to give back to the community through the Rebound Program. The Domingo Studio was proud to be a business participant. 

Linda Domingo

The Domingo Studio

The Gulfport rebound program was A great success for us at Qi Crystal Energy. We had a great time interacting with our customers and very excited to see how many customers came to use their rebound vouchers. I was surprised and very honored when Gulfport locals chose my crystal shop to use the vouchers. We are very grateful to the City of Gulfport for creating a program and for the locals coming to our shop to spend their vouchers. 

Melissa Loven

Qi Crystal Energy

I believe this was a great program that the city put out, not only did it bring new customers who were wanting to try our restaurant but, it also helped everyone out in many different ways. I for one was impressed by the turnout. While we were expecting the rebound checks, the amount we received far exceeded our expectations. I heard nothing but positive feedback from talking not only with our customer but from others around town. The city was wonderful to work with on redemption and the option of when to turn them in also helped.

Thank you again for what was a great program.

John Riesebeck

Smokin ‘J’s BBQ

Really nice program that gave residents an opportunity to try a restaurant they haven’t tried so far. We saw a lot of new happy faces. City staff was amazing to work with they went above and beyond when they needed to.

Ryan Bernat

Two Dads

Thank you for this opportunity to share our fantastic experience with the Gulfport Rebound Program. We thought that this was an excellent idea, and the program was very easy to understand and to execute. We had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful local people that we had not met in the past. We had several “regular” long-time patrons that donated their vouchers to others that were less fortunate. We got to experience a lot of “paying it forward.”

We are extremely grateful for the guest that we believe will now become part of the forever “O’Maddy’s Family.” A huge thank you to the city for orchestrating such a heartwarming, thoughtful way to rebuild business in our unique and incredible little town.

Joe Guenther


Applying for the program was easy!
Justin did a great job. Thank you, City of Gulfport for doing this program. I definitely think it helped support our business.
Caddy’s Gulfport

I truly support the city of Gulfport’s decision to do the Rebound program. I think that the residents each got a boost from this. The look on their face, the relief that they started to feel as they came in the door to receive their massage was such a blessing to me.

Lisa Taylor

The Red Elephant Massage

We were honored to have been a part of it, as we have been in Gulfport for over 30 years. We loved having new customers that are residents of Gulfport discover our fresh seafood market due to the Rebound program. Our existing customers even enjoyed spending a little more with a big smile. Everyone loved that the city shared this opportunity with their residents and local businesses. Our experience couldn’t have been any better or

We would like to personally thank everyone involved in making the City of Gulfport Rebound Program a success. Please accept our sincere thanks.

John Merkle

Gulf Coast Seafood

We loved the Rebound Program and through it was one of the smartest users of CArres Act Funds possible as it benefited the citizens of Gulfport and was also a boon for the local businesses that participated.

Everyone I spoke with had an enthusiastic and positive feeling about the program, as far as we were concerned it was terrific!

Veronica Champion

Isabelle's, Peninsula Inn