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Gulfport Rebound Participating Businesses

Business NameBusiness AddressCityZip codeWebsite
1.K Exclusive Hairstyles Salon915 49th Street SouthGulfport33707@Hair by jermaine
A Able Locksmith5116 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
A Friend Who Bakes2901 Beach Boulevard South, Unit 105Gulfport33707
Backfin Blue Cafe2913 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Beach House 53175317 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Blessed by the best hair salon1402 58th Street SouthGulfport33707
BoTiki3015 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Brenda McMahon Gallery2901 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Bug Man U Do It Supplies5301 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Caddy's Gulfport3128 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Comfort Cafe5808 28th Avenue SouthGulfport33707@GulfportComfortCafe
Cori’s Seafood Grill1431 49th Street SouthGulfport33707
Custom House Décor2901 Beach Boulevard South Ste 103Gulfport33707
David C Hastings, CPA, PA2207 54TH Street SouthGulfport33707Hastings David C CPA PA
Divine Textures Hair studio5002 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Funky Flamingo1418 58th Street SouthGulfport33707@FunkyFlamingoGPFL
Golden Dinosaurs2930 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Gulf Coast Seafood 4921 9 Avenue SouthGulfport33707
GulfPerk Coffee Bar3107 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707@GulfPerk Coffee Bar
Gulfport Auto and Truck Repair1099 49th Street SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Beach Bazaar3115 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Brewery + Eatery3007 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Casino Front Office 5500 Shore Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Chiropractic5301 Gulfport Boulevard Gulfport33707
Gulfport Cigars2901 Beach Boulevard South unit 101/102Gulfport33707
Gulfport Computer Repair, LLC2321 49th Street South Gulfport33707
Gulfport Extended Mini Bus Service (GEMS)5501 27th Avenue SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Garage2731 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Historical Society 5301 28th Avenue SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Nutrition5012 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Recreation Center5730 Shore Boulevard South Gulfport 33707
Gulfport Senior Center Foundation5501 27th Avenue SouthGulfport33707
Gulfport Veterinarian5621 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Habana Café5402 GULFPORT Boulevard Gulfport33707
Isabelle's, Historic Peninsula Inn2937 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Jax In And Out4928 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Karen’s Florist of Gulfport5122 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Kayak Nature Adventures LLC6201 9th Avenue SouthGulfport33707
Key West Seafood Co.1449 49th Street SouthGulfport33707
Kwik Stop5227 Gulfport BlvdGulfport33707Kwick Stop CITGO
Let It Be Ice Cream3127 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Liberty Tax4920 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
M & M Marine1017 49th Street SouthGulfport33707@M & M Marine Service
Maddy Spa5332 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Mermaid Mercantile2937 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Municipal Marina Ship Store4630 29th Avenue South Gulfport 33711
Neptune Grill, LLC5501 Shore Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
O'Maddy's, Inc.5405 Shore Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Paw Paw's3129 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707@Paw Paw's
ProjectFREE2026 51st Street SouthGulfport33707
Qi Crystal Energy3125 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Red Hot Tiki2904 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Reed Car Care5801 15th Avenue SouthGulfport33707
Reef Dog Gifts and Grooming2820 Beach Boulevard South ste AGulfport33707@ReefDog
Safety Tire Auto Service1833 49th Street South Gulfport33707
Selene Salon and Spa5409 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Shop N Go1005 49th Street SouthGulfport33707
Siri's Gourmet Burgers & Pizza2813 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Smokin' J's BBQ5145 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Stella's2914 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Stella's Sundries2908 A Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Studio492309 49th Street South Gulfport33707@studio49gulfport
Sumitra Espresso Lounge2838 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707@sumitraespressolounge
Thai Orchids and Leis, LLC5313 Gulfport Boulevard .Gulfport33707
The Domingo Studio2620 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
The Gabber Newspaper2908-B Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
The North End Taphouse2908 1/2 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
The Red Elephant Massage1509 49th Street SouthGulfport33707
The Tiki Bar & Grill5519 Shore Boulevard SouthGulfport33707@The Tiki Bar Grill at 56th & Shore
Two Dads5133 Gulfport Boulevard SouthGulfport33707
Utilities Customer Service Counter2401 53rd Street SouthGulfport33707
Zaiya Artizen Market3119 Beach Boulevard SouthGulfport33707@zaiyamarket



To ensure the revitalization and resiliency of local small businesses through a program that will generate long standing relations between City of Gulfport small businesses and City of Gulfport residents. The City’s incentive program will provide vouchers for Gulfport residents to be used at participating businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID‐19.


A portion of the City of Gulfport’s ARPA allocation will be authorized for one-time voucher(s) at a value of $50 to each household within the City of Gulfport.


Application Process

Each household will receive certificates valuing fifty dollars ($50) that can be used for goods and services at participating businesses within the City of Gulfport. The certificates will be issued in the form of two (2) twenty-five-dollar ($25) vouchers. For the voucher to be valid the certification must be completed through the required signature on the back of the voucher. Vouchers will be issued on or before December 10, 2021 and will expire January 10, 2022.

Eligible to Participate

To be eligible each household must certify by signing the back of the voucher that at least one of the following are true and correct:

  1. Faced a financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 and therefore experienced a negative economic impact
  2. Spent a minimum of $50 on COVID-19 related supplies

Ineligible Applicants

Households that were not negatively impacted by COVID-19, or did not spent a minimum of $50 on COVID-19 related supplies are not eligible to utilize the voucher.

Households that have a Utility lien on the property will not be eligible to receive a voucher, instead these properties will receive $50 credit on their utility bill.

Households/Units that are not serviced by a City of Gulfport utility account are not eligible to receive a voucher


Use of Funding


Vouchers are redeemable for the following:

  1. City of Gulfport participating businesses only for goods and services not exceeding the value on the certificate (list to be provided by the City of Gulfport on or before December 10, 2021)
  2. City services (i.e., utility bills, child care, etc.)


  1. The certificate may not be used to purchase traveler’s checks, or any other instrument that can result in cash exchange.
  2. No change will be provided.


Application Process

Participation Application

Applications for eligible businesses to participate in the program will be available and begin being accepted on November 3, 2021 and close the acceptance period on November 24, 2021.

  • In order to be considered the applicant must complete the participation application located at
  • If the applicant meets the eligibility and is accepted to participate in the program they will be asked to provide a
    • City of Gulfport Vendor Application
    • Form W9
    • Signed Certification Page

Once the City has received the required documentation, the participating business will receive a Gulfport Rebound window decal to display at their place of business, as well as a reimbursement request form.


Reimbursement Application

Participating businesses will collect Gulfport Rebound vouchers as payment for goods and services through the duration of the program. A business can apply to redeem these vouchers with the City of Gulfport at any time from December 10, 2021 through February 1, 2022 through the use of a request for reimbursement:

  • The request for reimbursement must be presented on the required form.
  • A check to reimburse the business will be issued within two weeks of the reimbursement request submission.
  • The final date to request reimbursement will be February 1, 2022.

Eligible to Participate

  • Must have faced a negative impact due to COVID-19
  • Must be physically located within the municipal boundaries of the City of Gulfport
  • Must be independently operated
  • Must be a brick and mortar location
  • Must be a face to face business
  • Must have a current City of Gulfport business tax license
  • Must have been in operation at any time between February 2020 – February 2021 and remain open at this time.

Ineligible Applicants

  • Businesses that have not applied to participate in the program during the enrollment period would not be eligible to accept vouchers.
  • Any business that was not negatively impacted by COVID-19
  • *Nonprofit entities
  • Any Code Enforcement or Utility Liens must be paid in full prior to participation.

*At the public meeting on November 16, 2021 City Council authorized non-profit entities that otherwise meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the Rebound Program.

Use of Funding


      • Participating businesses may accept a voucher for goods and services


      • Participating businesses must ensure the back of the voucher is signed in order to be valid.
        • Unsigned vouchers will be ineligible for reimbursement.
      • Participating businesses may not accept a voucher for the purchase traveler’s checks, or any other instrument that can result in cash exchange.
      • Participating businesses may not provide change from the voucher.
      • Participating businesses may not accept vouchers after their expiration date
      • Resale or alteration renders the voucher void


The submitted voucher is subject to disclosure under Florida’s public records law subject to limited applicable exemptions. Applicant acknowledges, understands, and agrees that all information in its application and attachments will be disclosed, without any notice to Applicant, if a public records request is made for such information, and the City will not be liable to Applicant for such disclosure.

The Gulfport Rebound Program may be considered taxable income therefore you should contact your financial advisor for guidance.


Redeemable at City of Gulfport participating businesses only for goods and services not exceeding the value on this certificate. Treat this certificate as cash, however it may not be used to purchase traveler’s checks, or any other instrument that can result in cash exchange. Furthermore, no change will be provided.  If it is lost, it will not be replaced. This certificate has no cash value. This certificate is property of the issuer. Resale or alteration renders the voucher void.  The City is not responsible for any claims, losses, expenses or liabilities arising out of the voucher program