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Clymer Park and Beach Boulevard Parkway Complex

Address: Gulfport Blvd. S. and Beach Blvd. S. to 26th Ave. S.
Hours of Operation: 4:00 a.m. – midnight 

Clymer Park and the Beach Boulevard Parkway Complex includes the Clymer Park Sculpture Garden dedicated in March 2015. This park is north of the Catherine A. Hickman Theater, Multi-Purpose Senior Center and the Public Library. This 7.5 acre complex runs north to south down Beach Boulevard, from Clymer Park to the Gulfport Public Library (Gulfport Boulevard to 28th Avenue South).

Clymer Park has been a focal point in the community for many years. It is the first park you see as you enter Beach Boulevard off of Gulfport Boulevard. With 2 small boardwalks, brick walkways, large flowerbeds and a pavilion, this serene park has become a favorite setting for many outdoor weddings.

  • 1.5 acres
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Exterior lighting
  • Natural landscaping complimented by extensive botanical architecture

These 3 acres of open green space and are bordered by large mature oaks and home to the Gulfport Food Forrest.

Clymer Park Art Walk – Art & Artists

Clymer Park Art Walk – Art & Artists

The project is intended to enhance the ability for those walking and bicycling from the north side of the City and the Pinellas Trial to have a safe, wide, convenient, aesthetically pleasing means to access the City’s Downtown area; while providing an opportunity for the City to display and invest in public art.

Ideally, the public artist elements will create a compelling invitation to the park that “connects” the City’s downtown waterfront to Gulfport Boulevard. Along the Clymer Park Art Walk an opportunity exists within the site to weave together the City of Gulfport, while inviting visitors to enjoy the commerce of the downtown area.

City Council approved the Clymer Park Art Walk project in Fiscal Year 2012/2013 with a project budget of $100,000 for inclusion in the City’s Five (5) Year Capital Improvement Program Budget. Following a series of meetings for project input from a public arts work group, City staff published a “Call For Artists” for the project. The purpose of the request for the submission of proposed art was to invite interested artists to submit and substantiate the integration of artistic elements in a public park setting.

The goal of the project is for the City to develop a unique sculpture park in Clymer Park along the new walkway. The City sought proposals for durable and weather resistant artwork, such as sculptures or cast pieces to enhance the appearance of the park. Artists were encouraged to visit the park to review the location and medium conducive to supporting durable and creative outdoor public art. It was necessary for the media and/or artwork to withstand outside environmental elements including but not limited to rain, wind, and the heat of the summer sun. The artwork is required to need minimal maintenance and be created to enjoy longevity and must be appropriate for an active public pedestrian environment, with proper consideration given to the safety of the audience, with the City approving all installation methods and processes. The deadline for submittals was January 24, 2014.

With the installation and completion of the walkway and the successful partnering with Pinellas County for the installation of the crosswalks and signalization at Beach Boulevard and Gulfport Boulevard, city staff embarked on the next phase of the project – the purchase of art for the walkway.

The City received twenty one (21) submittals from five (5) Gulfport artists, which met all proposal criteria. All submittals were from local Gulfport artists:

  • Tom Pitzen
  • Susanne Mays
  • Owen Pach
  • Frank Strunk III
  • Jonathan Schork