Trolley Market Square

Address: Tangerine Avenue and 49th Street South

The 49th Street Redevelopment Plan identified a project that would create a historic neighborhood theme utilizing the old Trolley route, including building a replica of a Trolley as an attraction and welcoming point on 49th Street and Tangerine Avenue South. The project is referenced as Trolley Market Square, designed to demote the historical significance of the Trolley while providing a link to the commercial businesses throughout the 49th Street Redevelopment Area.

Tangerine Greenway is an existing linear park within the City of Gulfport’s northern neighborhoods. A multi-use pathway roams through the green space and connects 49th Street to Tomlinson Park; this includes both  paved and bridge elements. The east end near 49th Street South, Trolley Market Square, has long-time been used for community events and a weekend market.   

Gateway to the Gulf - Gulfport, Fl Inc. 1910

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