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Gulfport Trolley

The Free Waterfront Trolley provides visitors and residents a method to park offsite and visit the many shops and restaurants in Gulfport’s downtown area.

Hours: First Friday and Third Saturday, from 6PM to 10PM

The trolley, decorated in a red & green paint scheme, is our special event trolley. The trolley lets you explore downtown Gulfport for free. You can hail the trolley anywhere on its route.

The trolley operates every First Friday and Third Saturday, from 6PM to 10PM. To view the route of this trolley please download the trolley guide.

How do I board the trolley?

As you see a trolley approaching, just wave to the driver that you would like to board. When you’re ready to get off, just let the driver know where along the route you would like to be dropped off.

Where are the Trolley Stops?
  • Essex Avenue & Beach Boulevard
  • 31st Avenue & Beach Boulevard
  • 29th Avenue & Beach Boulevard
  • 28th Avenue & Beach Boulevard
  • 23rd Avenue & Beach Boulevard
  • 27th Avenue & Beach Boulevard
  • 15th Avenue & 58th Street
  • 18th Avenue & 55th Street
  • Wood Ibis Park – 58th Street
  • 23rd Avenue & 54th Street
  • 28th Avenue & 54th Street
  • Recreation Center, 5730 Shore Boulevard
  • Wood Ibis Park – 28th Avenue
  • 58th Street & Shore Boulevard
Where are the Off-Site parking locations?
  • Wood Ibis Park 58th Street & 28th Avenue
  • Recreation Complex 58th Street & Shore Blvd.
  • Public Library Beach Blvd. & 28th Avenue
  • Senior Center Beach Blvd. & 27th Avenue
  • Chase Park  54th Street & 28th Avenue
Who operates the Trolley?

The City of Gulfport, Florida.

Is the Trolley free?