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Water/Sewer Rate Structure

As a result of an executive order from the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to reduce water consumption by 5% through the use of various conservation methods with the main emphasis placed on changing the City’s current rate structure, the City was required to develop an inverted rate structure. The premise behind the inverted rate structure is that the unit rate per thousand increases at separate and distinct tiers (water consumption levels).

The design of this structure provides for increasing rates for higher consumption and is designed to provide a monetary incentive (lower water bills) for conservation efforts of high end users. The structure was implemented or will be implemented by all Pinellas County municipalities by October 1, 2001. Therefore, to comply with this executive order, the City developed an inverted tiered structure designed to meet the 5% consumption reduction objective.

The City has attempted to comply with the SWFWMD executive order through the implementation of an inverted rate structure that would affect only those users who utilize in excess of 3,000 gallons of water per month per unit. Under the proposed rate adjustment, 52% of the residents who currently average less than the 3,000 gallon threshold will not be affected by this new structure. This new structure was implemented with the first billing in November 2001.

The City of St. Petersburg provides potable water to the residents of Gulfport and treats the sanitary sewer. The new rates (adopted for October 2021) are depicted below:

Usage/1,000 Gallons Water Sewer
0 – 2,000 (Minimum Bill) $19.74 $26.86
2,001 – 3,000 $9.88 $13.42
3,001 – 5,000 $11.18 $14.14
5,001 – 10,000 $12.51 $14.82
10,001 – 15,000 $13.81 $15.56
15,001 – 20,000 $15.13 $16.26
20,001+ $24.82 $16.56

Should you have any questions about your bill, please feel free to call Utility Customer Service at 727-893-1016.