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Waterfront Redevelopment District

Waterfront Redevelopment District (WRD)

Gulfport Waterfront Community Redevelopment Agency


The purpose of the Waterfront Redevelopment District (WRD) is to establish development standards which will enhance redevelopment opportunities within the district and implement the City of Gulfport’s adopted community redevelopment plan. The WRD zoning district is designed to be consistent with the community redevelopment district (CRD) land use category of the Gulfport Comprehensive Plan. The district is intended to encourage and promote the revitalization of the waterfront area and to maintain the unique characteristics of the area. This is to be achieved by allowing a wide variety of mixed uses, preserving existing residential neighborhoods and establishing development regulations which will promote reinvestment in the district. Please see the WRD plan for boundaries, service area, a map and services provided.

Originating and Governing Documents

The Gulfport Waterfront Redevelopment District was created on August 18, 1992, pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Act (Chapter 163, Part Ill, Florida Statutes & Chapter 189, Florida Statutes-Uniform Special District Accountability Act). The Waterfront Area Redevelopment Plan was originally created by City of Gulfport Resolutions 92-25, 92-55, and Ordinance 1993-02. Sec. 22-5.08 of the City of Gulfport Code of Ordinances governs the WRD. The 57.9-acre district extends along Beach Blvd. South from 21st Ave. South to the shoreline (area map can be viewed here). In 1992, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners approved the findings of necessity establishing that the District met the slum and blighting conditions outlined in the Florida Statutes (BOCC Resolution 92-148). Subsequently, The City of Gulfport adopted the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan (Ordinance 1993-02) on March 18, 1993 (Amended October 17, 2000 Ordinance 2000-23 & August 4, 2009 Ordinance 2009-07). The Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners approved the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan in April 1993. Pinellas County Resolution 92-148, amended here.

General Financial Information

Financial information concerning the WRD, including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the annual adopted budget may be found at the City of Gulfport’s Finance Department.

Governing Body

The governing body for the WRD is the Gulfport City Council. All meetings pertaining to the WRD may be viewed and searched here. Budget amendments (named budget adjustments) if applicable are searchable here.

Registered Agent

The registered agent on file with the Special District Accountability Program:

Mr. James E. O’Reilly
2401 53rd Street South
Gulfport, Fl 33707

P- 727-893-1000

Public Facilities Reports

The Gulfport Casino and Ballroom is a public facility located within the WRD. The Casino was officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places on August 8, 2014. For a weekly reporting of events and facility use, please see the City Manager Report. Information about the Casino budget, including; expenses, revenues, and fees may also be found in the City of Gulfport Annual Budget.

Please also see the Department of Financial Services-Local Government Financial Reporting webpage for information on governmental reporting in the state of Florida.

Current Projects

Shore Boulevard Improvement Project

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City Hall Address: 2401 53rd St. S. Gulfport, FL 33707
(727) 893-1000

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