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City of Gulfport – Sampling Advisory
Posted January 26, 2023

Please see Municipal Marina sample data. Standards for in-water activities are set by the state of Florida Healthy Beaches program.

James E. O’Reilly
City Manager

St. Petersburg Environmental Compliance Division
1635 3rd Ave N
St Petersburg, FL 33713

Marina (900)

Sample ID: 2302508-01
Sample Date/Time: 01/25/23 1:15PM

Enterococci – EPA 1600 – (CFU/100 mL)
Result: 16 B
MDL: 4
Analyzed Date/Time: 01/25/23 2:30PM

Fecal coliform – SM 9222 D – (CFU/100 mL)
Result: 10 B
MDL: 10
Analyzed Date/Time: 01/25/2023 2:30:00PM

Special Notes
This “DRAFT” summary is provided for the convenience of the client.
The client is responsible for determining its suitability for any use.
All samples were prepared and analyzed with associated quality control in accordance with NELAC standards.
Enterococcus results between 1 and 70 are within the acceptable limit for safe recreational water use.
Enterococcus results greater than 70 exceed the limit for safe recreational water use.
E. Coli/Fecal results below 400 are within the acceptable limit for recreationsl water use.
E. Coli/Fecal Results greater than 400 exceed the limit for recreational water use.

U            Less than 4 colonies are present.
B            Additional qualifiers may apply to the reported data.
Z           “too numerous to count” The number of colonies present prevented an actual count. The data reported is an
estimate based on the maximum number of colonies that can be counted on a plate times the dilution used.
CFU       Colony Forming Units
MDL       Minimum number of colonies that can be reliably counted based on the dilution used, typically 4.

For past reports, contact the City Manager, James E. O’Reilly.
Phone: 727-893-1009
Office: 2401 53rd St. S., Gulfport, FL 33707