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Special Events Trolley and Looper

The City of Gulfport Special Events Trolley/Looper services large-scale special events and the First Friday and Third Saturday ArtWalks throughout the year.
Trolley Route

Hours: First Friday and Third Saturday, from 5PM to 9PM

The Special Events Trolley/Looper has convenient stops along way including the following locations:

  • Gulfport Recreation Center
  • Gulfport Municipal Beach
  • Historic Gulfport Casino Ballroom
  • Ted Phillips Wood Ibis Park
  • Hoyt Field
  • Tomlinson Park / Little League Complex
  • Catherine A. Hickman Theater
  • Multipurpose Senior Center
  • Gulfport Public Library
  • Gulfport City Hall
  • Chase Park / Museum
  • Municipal Marina, as needed.
  • Town Shores (59th Street & 31st Avenue South)

Schedule of Events
  • 1st Friday Art & Gallery Walk, 5-9pm
  • 3rd Saturday IndieFaire, 5-9pm
  • Fine Arts Festival at Veterans Park, Noon-5pm
  • Get Rescued, Noon-5pm
  • Pink Flamingo Home/Garden Tour, 10am-5pm
  • Fun In the Sun Day, Recreation Center, 10am-12pm
  • Gulfport PRIDE on Beach Blvd., Noon-5pm
  • 4th of July Independence Day Celebration, 4-5pm, then immediately following the parade until 9pm. 
  • Geckofest on Beach Blvd., Noon-9pm
Where are the City's off-site parking locations?
  • Michael J. Yakes Recreation Complex
    • 58th Street & Shore Blvd. South
  • Ted Phillips Wood Ibis Park
    • 58th Street & 28th Avenue South
  • Hoyt Field
    • 56th Street & 24th Avenue South
  • Tomlinson Park Complex
    • 55th Street & 18th Avenue South
  • Gulfport City Hall
    • 53rd Street & 24th Avenue South
  • Multipurpose Senior Center
    • Beach Blvd. & 27th Avenue South
  • Gulfport Public Library
    • Beach Blvd. & 28th Avenue South
  • Chase Park / Museum
    • 54th Street & 28th Avenue South
  • Municipal Marina
    • 46th Street & 29th Avenue South
How do I ride?

As you see a vehicle approaching, just wave to the driver that you would like to board. When you’re ready to get off, just let the driver know where along the route you would like to be dropped off.

Who operates the Trolley?

The City of Gulfport, Florida.

Is the Trolley free?